Location Services

We strive to deliver the highest quality surveying service, maintaining an efficient and meticulous standard project after project. Being a small company we are able to ensure every project is treated the same as the last and every surveyor is a seamless fit for the task.

Utility Identification

With our cutting edge technology, we are able to identify all underground services in an efficient and accurate manner. Our team are highly trained in the use of Ground Penetrating Radar and the EMF Locating Wand.

Non-Destructive Excavation/Vacuum Services

To ensure all underground assets are not jeopardised we identify all services using vacuum excavation.

Vacuum Excavation Applications;
- Utility Identification & Potholing
- Pit & Conduit Clean out
- Fencing Post Excavation
- Trenching

Concrete Scanning

Our experienced and skilled team can assist with any concrete scanning requirements. We have the equipment and experience to produce an accurate and detailed mark-up of services, re-bar and anything else that may be cast in the concrete slab.

ATCO Gas HP Supervision Approved Company

KR Survey's is proud to be an ATCO Gas HP Supervision Approved Company.

Clash Identification

Combined with our surveying expertise we can produce 3D profiles to identify potential design clashes and aid the re-design process to avoid all underground utilities.

Working alongside horizontal drilling and micro tunnelling companies we produce a detailed plan of the desired underground path and ensure that a safe buffer is maintained to all services. This in turn, produced a much more efficient and safely executed underground drill shot.

Service Identification Drawings, created in plain view, can be tailored to the clients requirements, reporting depths to all services from any given 3d surface, whether it be design or existing. Google Maps interactive service drawings are also available upon request.


All services identified are surveyed using highly accurate surveying instruments, achieving sub 20mm accuracy. All surveyed services are processed and placed in our company database, creating a 3D underground service map for Western Australia.

All service data can be supplied to our client in a variety of formats depending on the clients’ requirements and needs.