Surveying Services

We strive to deliver the highest quality surveying service, maintaining an efficient and meticulous standard project after project. Being a small company we are able to ensure every project is treated the same as the last and every surveyor is a seamless fit for the task.

Residential/Industrial Subdivision

We provide a complete service sharing our knowledge and experience to assist in the efficient delivery of each stage. Our survey responsibilities extend across the whole of the subdivision works across each stage of construction. Our services include the design and set out of retaining walls, roads, stormwater, sewer, services, earthworks etc. Our team has the ability and expertise to execute many survey tasks regardless of their nature and complexity.

Service Location & Clash Identification

We provide an extensive service from identifying the underground utility, potholing & marking, surveying the utility in multiple coordinate systems and formats and also plotting service clash drawings, Profiles and custom drawings to suit the client’s requirements.

Volume & Quantity Analysis/Tendering

We can provide detailed volume and quantity analysis for a wide range of projects from the tendering stage up until final claims. With our extensive knowledge and access to market leading software we are able to provide time effective and accurate quantities presented in an easy to grasp format.

Machine Guidance Systems

We have vast experience in Machine Control Systems such as Topcon, Leica and Trimble and have the capacity to maintain these systems on site, resolve issues associated with these systems and create and upload digital files for the operator to utilise.

Major Road & Rail Projects

Our latest survey equipment and processing software allows us to adapt to any major project with ease. Experience dealing with MOSS Genio files and Main Roads systems allows us to work in collaboration with Main Roads personnel.

Landscape Survey & Design

A Detailed survey of any given site completed and a tailored design provided to suit the client requirements.

Mine Survey & Mine Infrastructure Expansion

Our qualified mine surveyors are able to provide services across this industry including both construction and production works.

Design & Drafting

With our current software packages, we are able to offer a wide range of drafting and design services to suit any project, including the delivery of data as required.

Building & Concrete Works

With the latest and most accurate surveying total stations and software on the market we are able to confidently assist in all precise concrete and building works in a timely and professional manner.

Drone/UAV Surveys

The variety of Drones/UAVs available enables us to produce aerial site photography which can be used to track progress and project marketing. Our fleet can also be used to create 3d surfaces. This can be applied to stockpile quantities, progress site quantities and also end of month surveys. Using Drones eliminates the need for a surveyor on the ground for these specific surveys, in turn creating a safer workplace.

Cadastral Subdivision/Site Surveys

We can assist in any cadastral related survey matters, whether it be a residential subdivision (Green Title/Survey Strata), Cadastral Re-Peg or site survey for a house extension.

Laser Scanning

KR is equipped with the latest laser scanning equipment ready for any project that required precision and efficiency. This can be applied to mechanical engineering, general site surveys, and structural scanning.

Hydrographic Surveys

Our surveyors are equipped to complete various bathometric and hydrographic surveys upon request.

A-Spec Surveys

KR’s drafting team has refined the A-Spec process and catered to various city council requirements. Our one stop shop for A-Spec surveys will see your civil project converted to a detailed GIS model in a matter of days.